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ION® Compatible Wearable wristband

ION® Compatible Wearable wristband

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One (1) ION® Compatible Wearable wristband. Complete with strap, buckle, and Bluetooth-compatible electronics. Compatible with ION® Sensor Cartridges. This product is great if you recently purchased a monthly subscription and would like a "backup wearable wristband." Just in case your primary wearable wristband is accidentally submerged in water, having a backup can ensure that there are no gaps in your data. This product is also great if you would like to have fully continuous data (no gaps). For example, with the standard ION® Wearable product, there will be a brief gap during device charging. With an extra wristband, you can always have one device being worn while the other is charging.

Note: this product is not intended as a standalone product. Purchase of this product "ION® Compatible Wearable wristband" does not include sensor cartridges and does not include a charger. Please see monthly subscription options for details.

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