ION® Wearable

Designed to be comfortable so that you can wear it all day and night. Ideal for those who want discreet options for monitoring and tracking their alcohol consumption.


A first-of-its-kind enzymatic sensor detects the presence of alcohol that has been diffused through the surface of your skin, only after it has been ingested. Once activated, the cartridge lasts for 48 hours!

ION® App

Check your progress as often as you like with the ION® App. Receive your sensor readings, such as Clear or Signal Detected, with frequent syncing. Available for iOS and Android.

ION® Wearable uses patented non-invasive enzymatic alcohol sensing technology.  Cartridges can be replaced daily to overcome the fouling issues that have plagued previous generations of alcohol biosensors. To take a deep dive check out our peer-reviewed scientific article in the journal "Sensors".

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NIH awarded

ION™ has been developed with support from more than $2 million in federal government grant funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Wristband Features

Skin-Friendly Materials

Silicone wrist strap attached to combination aluminum (skin contact side) and plastic (non-skin side) encasing for comfortable daily wear.

Memory Storage

Wristband can store up to 72hrs of continuous data, so if you temporarily go out of cell range it's no problem.

Connect over BLE

Pair via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to sync data from wristband to app


No moving parts means ION® Wearable is completely silent at all times.

Battery Life

Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery lasts up to 90hrs and takes up to 2 hours for a full charge.

From raw data to signal detected

ION® uses proprietary machine learning and AI to convert the raw alcohol sensor signals created by our sensor cartridges into an easy-to-read Signal Detected or Clear. Click on any day in the ION™ Calendar to see your history for that day with 30 minute resolution. Available on Android and iOS.

Continuous monitoring

ION® does not have set 'testing windows' that may interrupt your activities while you are on the go or in public. Just change the cartridge once every 48 hours, any time you like, and ION® Wearable detects signals for you every step of the way. Take a break to jump in the pool or shower while your wristband charges and syncs at the same time. Just leave your wristband plugged in for up to 45min and press sync in the ION® App.

Easy photo verification

To get data verified, simply take a photo while wearing the wristband.

Skin proximity sensors ensure that the alcohol sensor is against the skin. Removing the wristband results in a status of “insufficient skin contact” for that 30-minute interval. Successfully verified data shows "verified" status in the app.

'Peel & Click' Activation

Close the cartridge until it makes a 'click' sound to activate! Enzymes are active for 48 hours once activated.

6 month shelf life

ION® cartridges are stable for 6 months until activated.

On-Skin Sensor

Each cartridge has sensors to detect whether or not it is being worn.

Small Form Factor

 Each cartridge is the size of a small coin.


ION® Wearable
ION® Wearable
ION® Wearable
ION® Wearable
ION® Wearable
ION® Wearable
ION® Wearable
ION® Wearable
ION® Wearable
ION® Wearable

ION® Wearable


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The GPS feature is still in early beta testing and may not offer the accuracy, reliability, or functionalities that will be present in the final version. Orders are refundable up until the date of shipment.

This purchase does not include e
lectronic monitoring services. For court-ordered applications, please consider the AlcoholWatch™ Monitoring Program.

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