Capture real-world drinking behavior.

ION™ is the first wearable option for self or supervised monitoring of alcohol consumption. ION™ combines patented wrist-worn sensor technology with a cloud-enabled smartphone application to provide continuous monitoring.


The Best Signal to Noise Ratio of any wearable alcohol sensor


The key performance metric for any sensor is the signal-to-noise ratio.
In the example above, our wearable alcohol sensor has a signal-to-noise ratio of:

S/N = 100nA / 12nA= 8

Measurements were performed at a BAC of 0.08 g/dL, with baseline measured over 5 hours, with a 100nA signal and a 12nA average baseline.

A similar calculation for signal-to-noise ratio could be performed after baseline subtraction, using the “baseline noise” instead of the average baseline. However, “baseline subtraction” is very controversial, because it assumes that you can know when there is no alcohol present, which is not always possible in a real-world environment. For that reason, we did not perform any baseline subtraction, data shown is raw data and calculations used the average baseline.

If you can find a wearable alcohol sensor with a signal-to-noise-ratio of better than 8 (without any baseline subtraction), please let us know. We welcome a challenge!

Continuous, unbiased data collection.

Sporadic results don't tell the whole story. Continuous 24-hour monitoring.


Introducing the ION™ portal

  • Real-time data view + remote access

  • Quick, automated data upload

  • Secure data transmission & collection



Capture. Export. Analyze.

Network-based technology that provides connectivity, remote-monitoring, and data collection.

  • Flexible export options - daily, weekly, monthly

  • Cloud-connected software & portal