• ION™ Wearable

ION™ Wearable

Get continuous feedback.

Discreet and convenient.

Live stress-free

Build confidence.

Rebuild trust.

“It is small and unobtrusive, I very much like that. And it’s simple.”

- Airline Pilot

“The device would keep concerned parties informed, hold people accountable, send reminders or feedback... I mean, we all need a pat on the back, right?”

- Interior Designer

“I need to hold myself accountable and I can trust myself to do that with something like this.”

- Lawyer

ION™ Wearable

Each subscription includes two wristbands, a charger, access to the ION App, and 30 cartridges per month.

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ION™ is a tracker product and is not intended to provide a substitute for a breathalyzer, nor does it quantify blood alcohol content. Abstinence is part of a healthy lifestyle. ION™ helps provide awareness of one’s alcohol consumption to help individuals live well by not drinking alcohol. ION™ is not a medical device. If you suspect that you may have an Alcohol Use Disorder, please contact a physician.