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AlcoholWatch™ Monitoring Partner Demo Package

AlcoholWatch™ Monitoring Partner Demo Package

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What is it?

The Alcohol Watch™ monitoring program combines patented sensor technology together with state of the art software to revolutionize court-ordered alcohol compliance applications. The Alcohol Watch™ monitoring program is designed for court-ordered applications where alcohol is involved such as Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge or a custody case where alcohol is a factor.

Who is the Client?

A court case can be a life-changing experience, and it can be challenging to rebuild trust with loved ones and employers in the months that follow. The Alcohol Watch™ monitoring program integrates ION® Wearable, a revolutionary wearable alcohol monitor, to provide a comfortable and stress-free experience to minimize what is already a stressful experience for clients. ION® Wearable is the size of a small wearable fitness tracker, reducing the physical burden as compared to more traditional ankle bracelets. A selfie-style photo verification system ensures security and identity verification. Real-time feedback in the app reduces anxiety about false positives. Clients are provided with the opportunity to take a urine test to clear their name in case of any unexpected signals.

Who is this package for?

If you own an electronic monitoring agency or would like to start offering alcohol monitoring services to the courts in your area, this package is for you.

This Demo Package includes:


The GPS feature is still in early beta testing and may not offer the accuracy, reliability, or functionalities that will be present in the final version. Orders are refundable up until the date of shipment.

We are actively seeking feedback to improve the product for your particular area of expertise so please do reach out anytime with questions or comments:

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