Milo Sensors welcomes Dennis Houghton to the Board of Directors

Milo Sensors, the creator of ION® Wearable alcohol monitoring technology, welcomes Dennis Houghton to the Board of Directors. Dennis brings more than 40 years of experience in business development, product management, sales & marketing in the pharmaceutical / biotechnology industry including: G.D. Searle, Synergen, MedImmune, Cubist Pharmaceuticals and Durata Therapeutics. In the med-tech arena, Dennis was the one of the early executives at Alpha Logic the first Company to receive FDA approval for AbStats a non-invasive wearable sensor to monitor digestion. Dennis continues to be a Commercial Advisor at Alpha Logic and also currently serves as Chief Business Officer at Xiretsa, Inc., a recent UCSB spinoff in the anti-infective market.

Dennis Houghton
Dennis explained "I am delighted to be joining the Milo Sensors Board of Directors. As an early investor in Milo Sensors, I have been able to witness the growth in wearable sensor expertise by the Milo Sensors team the past five years. The impact of a DUI on your life, and the lives of other people, can be extensive and profound. Milo Sensors' ION® Wearable is a significant advance in understanding an individual's alcohol consumption and can serve as a tool to reenter society following a DUI under court supervision. The ION® Platform could potentially serve as a marker for additional disease processes of interest to the pharmaceutical industry."

CEO Bob Lansdorp said of the recent addition "we were looking to round out our Board of Directors with additional business development expertise, and Dennis is a perfect match. I am optimistic that Milo Sensors can follow in the footsteps of some of the giant companies that he has helped to advance. We are thrilled to be working with Dennis to advance our mission of helping to rebuild lives that have been devastated by alcohol."

Milo Sensors is currently in early pilot stage with ION® Wearable being shipped to paying early adopters.

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