ION® Wearable: Unleashing the Power of 3-Day Battery Life

ION® Wearable: Unleashing the Power of 3-Day Battery Life


ION® Wearable Extends Battery Life to 3 Days, Outperforming Previous Model

[Santa Barbara, CA, May 22, 2023] – Milo Sensors, a pioneer in alcohol monitoring wearable technology, proudly announces an advancement in its flagship product. The latest version of ION® Wearable boasts an extended battery life of up to 3 days, a significant upgrade from the previous ~35 hours capability.

By reducing deep sleep current and optimizing Bluetooth frequency, ION® Wearable achieves remarkable power efficiency without sacrificing functionality. Now, the battery outlasts the cartridge, allowing users to change and charge cartridges every two days.

"We're excited to introduce this major battery life upgrade," said Rashad Hamid, COO at ION® Wearable. "Customers were demanding that we improve battery life, and our team's efforts have resulted in a device that lasts up to 3 days, providing our customers with a seamless experience throughout their busy schedules."

ION Wearable charging blinking magenta LED

The enhanced battery life is immediately available for new devices and can be accessed by existing users through a firmware update. For more information, visit or

About Milo Sensors: Milo Sensors, Inc. pioneers innovative technology solutions, including ION® Wearable, which empowers individuals to rebuild trust with loved ones.

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