Our Story

We are a team of dreamers, scientists, and engineers, and we consider our Beta Testers to be our most valuable advisors. We have listened carefully to the heartbreaking stories of struggles caused by the inadequate tools and tech that currently exist in the DUI, AUD treatment, and family law spaces. A majority of our Beta Testers are in recovery and have shed a light on not only the initial hurdles but also the ongoing mental and emotional labor they go through every day.

The IONTM family does not end with our Beta Testers - we have also connected with their loved ones to gain an understanding of how we can help the interpersonal relationships within a support network.

We acknowledged early on that this journey to raise awareness, rebuild trust, and strengthen relationships cannot be done without those who are on the journey themselves. We stay connected with our audience with the goal of making IONTM a product you can rely on.

Our Mission

To rebuild trust and strengthen relationships while de-stigmatizing the conversation around alcohol.

Our Merit

We recognize that recovery is a lifelong journey and we can provide continuous support along the way.

Our Promise

We promise to focus on the 'wearer' and not the legal or criminal justice systems. We want ION to fit YOU, not the consequences.

Our Impact

Raise awareness, save lives, and strengthen relationships along the recovery journey.


Team ION

Rashad Hamid


Rashad has been with Milo since the beginning - almost! But with 7 years under his belt, he could write a novel about what not to do. He ensures Milo Sensors runs smoothly by managing the everyday business operations.

Peter Lamberg, PhD.


Peter has been researching the combination of electrochemistry and biology for about 14 years. There are very few biosensing approaches he has not had hands-on experience with. He has played a large part in developing the sensing elements of our latest wearable product.




Archika Poria, MSc.


Archika is a mechanical engineer with a focus on CAD design. She keeps getting more succulents than is room for in her workspace.


Bob Lansdorp and Rashad Hamid

from left: Bob Lansdorp, Rashad Hamid

Bob Lansdorp, PhD.

I helped start this company because I fell in love with the technology, but as I have learned more about the real impact we are having on people's lives, I now see that we have the potential to help millions of people to strengthen relationships with each other and live happier, healthier lives. In March, we had our first 'signal detected' when one of our customers had consumed alcohol and shared that data with their support network, which I later found out had initiated an open conversation about alcohol between them. I got goosebumps when I realized that we just made a real positive difference in someone's life. I look forward to doing a lot more of that, and I can't wait to see what is in store for us next!

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