Any API for collecting information from sensors? | ION Wearable

Any API for collecting information from sensors?

  • Hello! We would like to use ION Wearable sensors for control level of alcohol and we want to integrate sensor information to our system. At first look some information need:

    • unique ID of sensor
    • date/time of last measurement
    • last measured level

    No history need. Do you have any REST API for this? We can also use BLE gateway for listening information from sensors without your cloud (if this documentiation available, also can be with NDA rules).


  • Hi Denis,
    Thanks for your question!

    It sounds like you have already deduced correctly how ION® works: a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone enables the ION® App to retreive data from the ION® Wearable wristband. From there, the data is sent via our internal Rest API to the ION® Backend. Processed or raw data can be retreived from the ION® Portal (retreives data via Rest API from ION® Backend) or processed data can be retreived in the ION® App.

    If you are a research customer, you can download raw data (e.g. alcohol sensor current in nanoAmps) as a CSV from the ION® Portal.

    It sounds like you are interested in getting hands-on wihtthe Rest API. We have not made this generally accessible yet, but we have seen growing interest in an accessible Rest API. So please do sign up to our mailing list if you haven't done so already! Until then, we would love to learn more about your application and would be happy to explore collaboration ideas.  The easiest way to get started might be to order a subscription, start playing with the portal and seeing your raw and processed data, and then working with us to cater the accessible Rest API functions that are most important for your application.

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