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Which is the best option

  • Hi,


    I wish to start to experience the iON technology. As a beginner, I am completely confused about which one to choose. Kindly help me to select the best device.

  • Hi Sujith,
    I assume you're trying to choose between either "ION Continuous Tracking" or "ION Starter kit". ION Starter Kit is a great way to get started, and is what I'd recommend for you. If you are happy with the starter kit, you can always upgrade to ION Continuous Tracking later (better value for 30 days). Hope that helps!

  • Thank you Bob🙂

    I have a small doubt. 

    Before choosing any wearable device what are the "5 Most Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Wearable Technology Device"?

  • Before making a decision, I did some research on the subject. Several articles on the same topic, "things to consider before settling on a wearable gadget," are available.
    Such well-written blogs aided me in making a decision, and that is how I came to be here. Perhaps for the benefit of others, I'd like to put down some discussion points here.
    Here are some crucial factors to think about before making a decision.

    Rule no1: Consider Your Purpose 
    Before you buy a new device, think about why you want it. Even if your primary goal is to look stylish, knowing what traits are non-negotiable will help you narrow down your options.

    Rule no 2: Set a budget.
    There are more economical and low-cost devices available in the market as more rivals offer wearable devices. But, before you make a decision, think about the price.

    Rule no 3: Capability
    As technology grew more commonly accessible, devices became smarter. Even the basic gadgets include activity and biometric tracking features. Devices became more and more efficient as a result of technologies like IoT and AI services. Some even provide GPS tracking, text message alerts, and real-time vital sign monitoring.

    Rule no 4: Battery life
    Some devices have a battery life of up to a year. Longer battery life is expected to come with tradeoffs, as some devices forego GPS and heart tracking in exchange for longer battery life.

  • I have the same question. Thanks for your reply.

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