Research Tips | ION Wearable

Research Tips

  • Here are some tips on how we suggest that you can get started measuring with ION for research purposes:
    1. Connect and pair (see instructions for details)
    2. Open the ION portal to view and download raw data
    3. Perform a baseline control experiment. This step is very important. Measured current without alcohol should be between 0-60nA for 24 hrs. If you skip this step, you cannot be sure that any of your subsequent data is valid. We understand that many of you are keen to jump to alcohol testing, but we have observed issues in the past few years when shipping cartridges by air which caused unstable baselines. The cartridge design has been modified in 2021 to address this issue.
    4. Talk to Milo representatives about your data. We are happy to help you resolve any issues and send replacement products until things are working well for you.
    5. If and only if all the above steps have been succesfully completed, move on to your study goals!

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