Stephanie S. - May 14, 2021

Is ION™ the right fit?

Millions of people all over the world face challenges with alcohol. One of the more traditional solutions people first consider is Alcoholics Anonymous. Through market research, we have learned that more and more non-traditional solutions are being sought out to supplement the recovery journey and we, at Milo Sensors, believe we can provide an option for the supervised or self-monitoring  of alcohol consumption. Unlike other existing alcohol monitoring tools such as ankle bracelets, ION™ is designed for the wearer first, with discretion, comfort, and usability at the forefront. Common industries that benefit from similar monitoring devices, such as the criminal justice system or family law, seem to follow only after the recovery support network has failed and act as a punitive measure. In contrast, we aim to help anyone who seeks to improve their general wellness by focusing on their relationship with alcohol and then help rebuild trust with surrounding family members and supporters.

Don't get it twisted...

No BAC. The three dreaded letters that represent a measurement people use to check the degree to which alcohol consumption has resulted in intoxication. We DO NOT estimate your BAC. We DO NOT estimate your real-time intoxication levels. The ION™ sensor measures the alcohol that has made it through the human body and out of the skin with some delay, and the ION™ App provides feedback in the form of 'Clear' or 'Signal Detected'  based on these transdermal signals, in a simple binary estimate of alcohol consumption. ION™ will track your alcohol consumption history, so if you want to rebuild confidence and show your support network that you have not been consuming alcohol, ION™ can be a useful tool for you.

No middleman. We sell directly to the customer, or more specifically, the wearer. The individual wearing the device can view their data right in the app. No need to wait for a weekly or monthly report from a centralized data center.

Consent to share. While your end goal may be to improve your personal relationship with alcohol, the journey is rarely taken in isolation. Choose to share your ION™ Calendar with any members of your support network either through the app or simply screen grab the day or month you want to share.

Discreet and flexible.

ION™ is designed with comfort and ease in mind. The soft silicone strap fits comfortably around the wrist with a tang-buckle clasp, and can be removed at any time. If you remove your ION™ Wearable, you'll see a 'No Cartridge Connected'  or 'Insufficient Skin Contact' status for that particular time. You can choose to wear ION™ whenever you want to. With ION™, you are in control.

Frequently sync and check your data directly in the ION™ App. Each purchase of an ION™ package includes app access. Currently, only iOS devices are supported.

ION™ wristband and ION™ App (iOS device not provided by ION™)

With our wristband and app design, ION™ may be the most comfortable form of continuous monitoring. Cartridges are shipped to the customer directly based on the monthly subscription.

Activate cartridge and insert into the wristband cavity to begin the 24 hour monitoring period.

Make it easy and check out our starter kit option without any commitment. The ION™ Starter Kit does not require a subscription or any type of contractual agreement. Get five cartridges for daily monitoring and if it seems like a good fit, you can upgrade to a monthly subscription with a personal discount code!

ION™ is a tracker product and is not intended to provide a substitute for a breathalyzer, nor does it quantify blood alcohol content. Abstinence is part of a healthy lifestyle. ION™ encourages abstinence, and is not a medical device. If you suspect that you may have an Alcohol Use Disorder, please contact a physician.

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