Sharing data within the ION App

Sharing data within the ION App

Why a sharing feature?

At Milo Sensors, we are always inspired by our customers, but this latest sharing feature has special significance for us. One of our customers, who previously struggled with alcohol abuse and was involved in a very serious accident involving alcohol a few years ago, wrote in and expressed that his daughter had cut off contact with him because of alcohol, which was heartbreaking for us to hear. Now that he has been in recovery for a long period of time, he is doing everything he can to rebuild his relationships with his kids. There is nothing a healthy parent wants more than to love and support their kids, and so our whole team is rooting for his success. Recently, his daughter extended an olive branch with a glimmer of hope for rebuilding a relationship, which gave us all hope for a better future. He expressed to us that he would really like to be able to share his ION Wearable data with his daughter through the app, to show her that he's not drinking alcohol anymore.

At Milo Sensors, we are all about helping to rebuild trust between family members, and so we wanted to rush this feature out as soon as possible. We have been pulling late nights to pull together all the software to make this possible, so we are proud to say: we did it and sharing is now live!

How sharing works

If you are an ION Wearable customer, you can now navigate to the sharing screen and enter an email address to share data with anyone you would like:



After you add a new contact, that person will get an email invitation to download the ION App. Once they download the app, they will be able to view your data in the calendar screen:

 In the calendar, they will see the same data that you do: clear, battery charging, etc, all statuses will be visible with 30 minute resolution.

We are optimistic that this new sharing feature will help family members to rebuild trust with one another. 

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