ION Wearable Photo Verification

ION Wearable Photo Verification

Two of our most frequently asked questions are: "How do you know who is wearing ION?" and "What happens if I remove the wristband?" Unlike ankle bracelets which are locked onto the ankle, ION Wearable is removable at any time. 

ION Wearable combines photo verification together with skin proximity sensor data to a) ensure that it's you wearing the wristband and b) detect when you remove the wristband. With those two pieces of information, we are able to verify your data. Then, in the app, your status will show as "verified".

If you're an existing customer that would like to enable verification, just click to enable Camera Verification in the settings menu:


Then, when you're wearing the wristband, click on the Sync screen and click on the "Use Camera to Upload a Photo" button. 

Make sure you take a photograph that shows your face, your arm, and your wristband:

A Milo Sensors representative will analyze the photo to ensure that you are wearing the wristband and there are no signs of tamper. If it all looks good, we'll mark the photo as verified on our system:



As soon as we have verified your photo, the app status will update to "verified" for all times before and after the photo, as long as you're still wearing the wristband.

As soon as you remove the wristband, any subsequent times will be labelled unverified. As long as you are still wearing the wristband, you can take another photo to get those times verified.

This patent pending technology is part of the magic that makes ION Wearable work!

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