Automatic Report Generation from the ION App

If you would like a copy of any day's data, for yourself, or to send to someone else such as your attorney, family member, or anyone you choose, you can now do that with the latest ION App. To enable automatic report generation, simply enable it in the app:

report disabled       enabled report

Now, when you go to the "Share" screen, you will see a new calendar selector, where you can pick which day you'd like to build a report for:


share data


Then enter your email address, followed by the email addresses of those you would like to send your report to:

enter emails report

Then click the preview button:

email preview


Your PDF report will be generated, and emailed to you. It will look something like this (actual results may vary):

report pdf format 

If you're happy with the preview, feel free to send to your contacts by clicking the second send button!


send report

As always, if you have any questions: please let us know! This automatic report generator was created thanks to your feedback, so we would love to hear from you!

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