ION™ Wearable Wristband

The most difficult step is deciding to change. ION™ rebuilds trust and self confidence around alcohol to help make that change last.

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Continuous Feedback

Signals are logged continuously on the wristband and easily accessible through the ION™ App. Activate a new cartridge every two days and leave it on as you go about your activities!

Rebuild Trust

Own your journey and share data easily with your smartphone to rebuild confidence and trust. ION™ can help you improve self-awareness and reach your goals with honesty, humility, and accountability.

Discreet and Convenient

The ION™ Wearable is a slim wristband and is comfortable enough to wear all day and night, without the need for a breath sample. The sensor is completely silent and makes absolutely no sound at all.

Worry-Free Monitoring

Live stress-free, choose to wear ION™ whenever you want. ION™ is designed with comfort and ease in mind. With ION™, you are in control.


Family Law

Family Law





How it works

ION™ converts transdermal alcohol into estimates of alcohol consumption.

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ION® Compatible Wearable wristband
ION® Compatible Wearable wristband

ION® Compatible Wearable wristband

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